with Silvia & Julius

SUMMARY: Warm Ups based on playfulness and unpredictability Handstands, Floorwork, Partnering Movement Sequences Creative process stimula and observation Physical Preparation and Stretching techniques

DESCRIPTION: Circus artists, gymnasts, dancers, and any other kind of sportive hectics who wish to develop their acrobatic dexterity. We will be working on basic circus training involving handstands, floorwork, space awareness, physical preparation, stretching techniques, and duo as well as group work. However the emphasis of this workshop will be on creative movement searching to connect the participants with their inner source and desire to move in their own personal and authentic way. The goal is to awaken curiosity to explore ones body in new ways of moving and be encouraged to excel oneself. Everyone can inflame a spontaneous and fluid process of creativity, accessing to inner resources of any kind. Throughout the course we will continuously present each other our current stages of creation.How? An unpredictable environment made of different movement stimula and different movers develops physical and psychological resilience, capacity of adaptation, finding the unusual and building new structures. Improvisation and the state of Flow within non-linear movement approach calm down excessive self-judgment and boost self value. Why eclectic? Eclecticism in the sense of a certain way of approaching movement, we will be sharing specific tools, but always considering the particularity of each individual (physically, psychologically etc.), in order to give that Space to each other to evolve in unique ways and share this uniqueness with each other!


WHO: Julius Bitterling is a travelling circus artist, originally form Marktschellenberg in Germany. He first got in touch with circus in 2008 at the Winterfest Salzburg, where the companies XY and Rasposo sparked his inspiration for this art form. In 2011 he decides to start his professional education in France at the Centre Régional des Arts du Cirque de Lomme and, after a little detour to Beijing in China, deepens his artistic development at the National Circus School of Montreal.Since his graduation Julius has performed with his partner Cesar at multiple Festivals (Ficho in Guadalajara, Cirque de Demain in Paris, YoungStage in Basel) and currently concluded his tour with Cirque Eloize – Hotel.On the constant research of new inspiration and purposeful living he evolves within a growing network of artists and friends around the world. Silvia Oggioni. It all starts within the walls of a gym as a child, circus tents and international acrobatic conventions later. Melted paths nourish the curiosity and the search for individual and couple movement. She devotes to studying and teaching Acrosport and Circus disciplines (handstands, acrobalance, hand to hand, silks, acrodance). Contemporary dance, partner-acrobatic, yoga become parts of a wider perspective of movement. She completes her education in Psychology, as a tool of dialog among mind, word and body, where the movement becomes a channel of expression through the self and the others!

LEVEL: open for everyone with movement background


DATES: 11.01. 2020 10:00-13:00 and 14:30-18:0012.01. 2020 10:00-13:00 and 14:30-18:00

PLACE:CTC-Salzburg, Eichstrasse 50a, 5023 Salzburg/ Gnigl

COSTS:Normal: 190€ Students: 170€

NOTICE: for people coming from outside there is the possibility of accommodation in the tent for 10€ a night

REGISTRATION:until 07.01. 2020